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Postma Fine Art


Private Fine Art Dealer | Calgary, Alberta, Canada

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)


Q.  What is your mailing address and physical address?

A.  Our mailing address is 1755-246 Stewart Green S.W., Calgary, Alberta, Canada T3H 3C8.  Please note, this location is our preferred location to send us regular mail and larger packages.  Our physical office (meeting) location is downtown Calgary in Bankers Hall. Although smaller packages can be received here, please mail all correspondence and packages to our Stewart Green S.W. address which is better equipped to receive deliveries (letter and larger packages).  

Clients who wish to meet in person are welcome by appointment only, at our office located in Bankers Hall, in the heart of Calgary's downtown business/financial district, along historical Stephen Avenue Walk (8th Avenue) between 2nd and 3rd Streets S.W., in the West Tower (10th Floor) at 888 3rd Street S.W., Calgary, Alberta, Canada T2P 5C5 (one block south of the nearest LRT transit stop at The Core Shopping Mall).  If this location is not the most convenient for you, please let us know (we can arrange to meet you at other office locations near your home or business in Calgary and across Canada).


More about the Bankers Hall Building and Green Certification.

Underground pay parking at Bankers Hall administered by Impark.  There are also above-ground parking options in the vicinity.

Calgary Transit stops (Light Rail Transit) 1 block away (East and Westbound, Blue and Red Lines stop in front of the Core Shopping Centre on 7th Avenue S.W.).

The Calgary International Airport is approximately 20 minute drive.

Nearby Hotels include the Fairmont Palliser, Hyatt Regency, and Marriott Downtown.

Q.  How do I place an online order?

A.  Our online web store is open 24/7 for your purchasing convenience.  Not all our inventory is posted online, however; if you are seeking work by a specific Artist and don't see inventory, please contact us and we will respond by email or telephone to discuss next steps.

Q.  Is it safe to order from you online?

A.  We use industry-standard encryption technologies when transferring and receiving customer data exchanged with our site server.  Watch for the 'lock' symbol at the top of the page (URL) when placing your order.  Always access our website by typing in our URL, vs. clicking on a link, to further reduce your chances of accessing a website that isn't ours.

Q.  Do you ship to Post Office (P.O.) Boxes?

A.  We do not ship to post office boxes however do appreciate your business and may be able to find an alternative solution - contact us for details. 

Q.  What if I need additional help with my order?

A.  We are happy to assist you during regular business hours (or by chance, or by special event, during non-regular business hours).  Contact us by email or telephone and we will get back to you to lend support.

Q.  If I called the telephone number but there was no answer - should I leave a message?

A.  Yes please do leave a message.  We may be travelling, assisting another customer or in a meeting, and will return your call as soon as possible.  Note we are typically closed on statutory holidays (Alberta and Canadian dates), and operate during Mountain Time (MT).  If you are contacting us from another time zone and Mountain Time is not convenient hours for you, please send us an email.

Q.  If I see an archived artwork that I like but it says 'out of stock' or 'sold'.  What should I do?

A.  If the artwork is out-of-stock or sold, email or phone us with the details and we may be able to help.  In some cases, we hold offline inventory for prior customers; in other cases we may have only one of a limited edition of 50 available to us (and can secure another one for you, providing lead time details upon request).  In other cases the entire edition is sold out (everywhere) and we will not be able to fill your order but may have alternative suggestions for your consideration.

Q.  Can I send you my order and payment details via email?

A.  We recommend that you never send your payment details by email - it is not the safest communication channel.  Certainly email can be used to communicate your choice of work, to request condition reports or availability status, but is not preferred for communicating credit card or other private financial information.

Q.  How do I cancel or change my order?

A.  Contact us via email or telephone as soon as possible, since we often process orders immediately and ship 1-3 business days post order confirmation.  If the order has already been processed, committed to (with our vendor(s)), and/or shipped, the order will be classified as a return and follow that process.  We typically do what we can to make cancel / change process as easy for our Customer(s) as possible.

Q.  How do I check the status of my order?

A.  It is a good idea to check with us via email or telephone prior to ordering online, to confirm the product is available (our online store will not allow backorders for out-of-stock items, but it is possible, but not probable, that we may be finalizing an offline order by telephone or in person, at the same time as another Customer orders online).  Since we deal with limited edition and one-of-a-kind unique items, for example, we would unable to fulfil two orders for the same unique artwork.  Typically we send an email written confirmation when your order is received and later, shipped, so you can be sure of the status of your order at any given time.  

Q.  If an artwork is posted online, does that mean it is always available?  

A.  Online appearance of a particular item does not guarantee availability, and if we are unable to fulfil your request for any reason, your payment will be refunded in full if a valid transaction and not fraudulent.  An order may be in process for an in-stock item; the item may be a special-order item (i.e. inventory secured only at time of order confirmation).

Q.  If I ordered artwork online - can I pick it up?  

A.  Online orders are sent by courier to your home or business for your convenience.  Outbound shipping to most destinations in Canada and the U.S.A. is complimentary.  

Q. If I visit you at a special exhibition or international art fair, can I purchase the artwork there?

A.  It depends on the event; sometimes we courier the artwork post-event (so the artwork can remain on display for the duration of the art fair); other times we have additional inventory on hand and yes, you can purchase from us and take the artwork with you.  If a concern, contact us prior to the event and we will advise you of particular circumstances for the event.  Courier costs are at our expense to most destinations in Canada and the U.S.A. to make it as convenient as possible for you when visiting an art fair or exhibition.

Q.  I would like to place an order online and ship the artwork to multiple, different locations.  Is this possible?

A.  No, each order must have one shipping address when you order online.

Q,  I would like to order artwork online, and pay for it - but ship it to another address.  Is this possible?

A.  Yes, simply fill out the 'billing address' as yours, and the 'shipping address' as an alternate address.  It would be a good idea to advise the recipient at the alternate destination of the incoming package (in advance) to avoid any concerns on their part of an unexpected package or return (i.e. not aware it was a gift) or advise us in advance to enclose a card on your behalf.

Q.  Can I request a personalized message to be added to the card you send with my artwork (to a third-party)?

A.  Certainly, subject to review. 

Q.  If I thought the price on your web site was wrong - does that mean I can order it at that price?

A.  At time of online order confirmation, we will review all particulars including price and if any discrepancy inform you at that time (and ensure then that you and we want to continue with the order, or, the order will be cancelled / refunded if a problem by one or both parties).  

Q.  Are prices on your website 'subject to change'?

A.  Yes, in some cases (i.e. exchange rates) and this will be posted to make you aware on the art listing if this was the case.  We will confirm any changes at time of order confirmation, if applicable, giving you the option to cancel the order if you are not satisfied with the confirmed price.

Payments Accepted

Q.  What methods of payment do you accept?

A.  Online, we accept most major credit cards via Paypal, or business or certified cheques or money orders (via regular post) for confirmed orders (do not send us cash via regular post).  If you have a gift certificate issued from us, please mention it prior to ordering online so we might modify the online price to apply the gift certificate amount.

Sales Tax

Q.  Do you charge sales tax?

A.  Yes, we are obligated, by law, to charge tax where we are registered to do so.  Canadian Customers can expect us to apply sales tax to their orders, dependent on the type of product ordered and where it is shipped to (destination).   International customers are not charged tax when purchasing from us online  (however duty and or taxes may be charged for some international orders - check before you order).  Of note, original art is not charged duty when shipped to many locations).  Taxes, duty, etc. are applied at time of shipment / passing through Customs and are either billed to us or directly to the customer, depending on the purchase agreement, and the country shipped to.  Either we pay these additional costs, or, they are passed on to the Customer, depending on the agreement prior to shipment.

Q. What if I have a tax exemption (in Canada) and want to make a purchase online?

A. If you are ordering online, you will be charged sales tax based on the shipping destination.  Continue with your online order, then contact us via email or telephone with your order number and tax exemption information.  When we validate the exemption, we will issue you a tax credit (the online system cannot distinguish between tax exempt status or not, thus is handled manually as a credit, offline and after-the-fact).


Q.  What couriers do you use for shipments?

A.  It depends on the logistics required to safely deliver the package and what type of package it is (small or large, for example).  Canada Post, UPS, etc. are common, as well as other private specialty couriers.

Q.  Where do you ship the orders from?

A.  Typically from our office in Calgary, or from the Artists' studios or from their representatives' offices.

Q.  After you ship my artwork, how do I track it?

A.  At time of shipment or prior to, most of the time (unless for example, it is a special courier without real-time tracking), we will send you a tracking number so you can track the whereabouts of the courier while your artwork is in transit.

Q.  How long after you confirm my order do you ship?

A.  It depends on the order request (i.e. a large public art sculpture would likely have different logistics than a small, less expensive painting, for example), the availability of the courier, route/destination, etc.  Typically, we process orders and they are en route /shipped within 1 to 3 business days after order confirmation, and will communicate our plans at time of order confirmation for your review and acceptance. We are flexible to ship on a specific date if you are travelling or would like the artwork to arrive within a specific timeframe (i.e. holidays, etc.) - just let us know your requirements - we would be pleased to assist.

Returns, Exchanges, and Credits

Q.  If i receive artwork and it is damaged, what do I do?

A.  If you receive artwork that is damaged due to transit reasons, refuse to accept the parcel from the courier or make note of it when accepting the parcel by way of writing on the bill of lading / packing slip,  that it was received damaged, and if convenient, photograph the damaged package prior to and after opening it.  This will assist us with the claim to the courier for damage in transit.  Contact us by email or by phone and we will provide instructions how to proceed depending on the circumstance.

Q.  How often does artwork you ship get lost or damaged in transit?

A.  We use reliable, trusted carriers and in the history of our business, we have zero claims for lost or damaged packages.  The risk to you as a Customer is low when ordering from us online.  We typically do require an adult to sign for receipt of artwork when delivered by the courier.

Q.  If I ordered artwork X and you sent me, in error, artwork Y.  What would I do?

A.  Contact us by email or phone as soon as possible upon inspecting your order with your concern.  We will review the order details and if we are in error, will provide return postage of the artwork and also cover the outbound postage for the replacement artwork.  If it was a Customer error, the Customer is responsible for the return postage and depending on the purchase circumstances, a refund will most likely be issued when the artwork is returned and received to us in the same condition as sent.  Special conditions would apply to some orders however.  Always contact us prior to returning goods so we might guide you through the process and make it as easy as possible for you.

Q.  How long do I have after order receipt do I have to file any concerns or complaints about my order from you?

A.  Please file any concerns, complaints, return or refund requests within seven (7) calendar days after receipt from courier, otherwise the order is assumed to be received in good order and closed. 

Q. If I returned an item - when would I see a credit?

A.  We process credits as quickly as possible, depending on the circumstance; returns typically when the merchandise return is received or before that time.  Please note, that beyond the time it takes us to process the credit, it may take a few days for it to show up on your credit card / other statements (bank processing time).

Artist or Vendor Submissions and Other Miscellaneous Inquiries

Q.  I am an Artist and would like to send you artwork for sale at Postma Fine Art - how do I apply?

A.  We are not accepting unsolicited art submissions at this time, and do not typically respond to unsolicited inquiries, however, if that changes in the future, please visit our website and apply at that time.  We also do not accept nor return unsolicited portfolios sent via email or regular post.  Thank you for your interest.

Q.  Are you a Canadian-owned business?

A.  Yes, we are a 100% Canadian-owned business.

Q.  Do you travel to view special consignments or for special projects?

A.  Yes, we are available for travel mainly across Canada (since we specialize in Canadian fine art) however internationally as well.  Ask for details and schedule.

Q.  Do you write USPAP-Compliant Appraisals?

A.  Yes we do.  Contact us for details and quote for service.  Please note - we do not provide written appraisals for artwork we may have a financial interest in, to avoid any conflict of interest (i.e. providing an appraisal value and handling the sale for the same item we appraised would be a conflict of interest).