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Postma Fine Art

POSTMA FINE ART | CANADIAN FINE ART Private Fine Art Dealer | Calgary

POSTMA FINE ART | CANADIAN FINE ART Private Fine Art Dealer | Calgary

POSTMA FINE ART | CANADIAN FINE ART Private Fine Art Dealer | Calgary POSTMA FINE ART | CANADIAN FINE ART Private Fine Art Dealer | Calgary



Fine Art Appraisals

Formal written personal property fine art appraisals are available at $200. Cdn. + tax per hour (please contact for a personal quote, including discounts for large projects). Hourly rate is inclusive of research, site visit/travel, photography, document preparation (admin-only time is billed at $50. Cdn. + tax per hour) and delivery.  All potential engagements are subject to pre-review and acceptance, and specified terms and conditions.  

If you seek a less formal verbal appraisal (or a 'walkabout') or distance verbal review (no physical inspection of the object) this can be arranged as well (about 1 hour).

Our specialization is notable Canadian Fine Art.  We do not provide appraisals for artwork we have a financial interest in, to avoid any potential conflict of interest (i.e. assigning an appraisal value for the same work we may be interested in purchasing or accepting on consignment or have previously sold to you)​.  

Contact us with a description of your artwork and we will guide you through the process.  Please allow sufficient lead time from ordering an appraisal to expected delivery time of the formal document (depending on the engagement it may take 4-8 weeks to conduct the necessary research, etc. and complete the assignment).  Artwork must be owned by the individual or business requesting the appraisal (with a few special exceptions).  


- Modern and Contemporary Canadian fine art  of all media (painting, sculpture, drawing, etc.) for insurance coverage, estate tax, donation and sale advisory purposes; 

- Replacement Value Appraisals prepared for insurance purposes; 

- Fair Market Value Appraisals prepared for estate purposes; donations to museums; legal disputes; financial statements; division of property; pre-nuptial agreements; collateral for loans, and insurance claims; 

- Diminution of Value Estimates prepared for works of art which have sustained damage; 

- Hypothetical Appraisals prepared for works of art which have been lost, destroyed or stolen; 

- Research, including provenance and to facilitate authentication by experts.

Consulting, Research, Curatorial, Policy, Art Competition Jury, Public Art

Consulting services are available - contact us to discuss your requirements.  Clients are welcome from all sectors including private and public corporations, foundations, governments and non-profit institutions, as well as individuals.  All potential consulting projects are subject to review and acceptance.

Consignment and Offer to Purchase

Postma Fine Art accepts consignments (or makes an offer to outright purchase) for excellent and exceptional examples of notable Canadian art listed on our 'wanted list'.   Please contact us if you wish to sell your fine art - we would be pleased to discuss with you.