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Spring 2018 | Watch for the 2018 Spring Cape Dorset new art availability announcement, 

expected mid-May 2018.  If you wish to be notified as soon as new work is available, please forward your request to or subscribe to our regular mailing list (unsubscribe at any time). 

September 1, 2018 | Tentative Date for commencement of Online Preview /

early reservations accepted for the 2018 Cape Dorset annual collection, with purchases confirmed 

mid-October on the annual official international launch date.  Please contact us early (September) to reserve since the entire edition (typically 50) of the most popular prints typically sell out (everywhere) prior to the official release in mid-October each year.  We do accept wait list requests.

Mid-October, 2018 | Official launch of the Autumn 2018 Cape Dorset Collection (a highly-anticipated annual art event since 1959) - and the first official date we confirm reservations and finalize sales.  Date / details will be confirmed in September, and are subject to change.

We travel across Canada - if you wish to meet with us and are located outside of the Calgary area, please let us know (we will contact you with office / event details the next time we visit your town or city).